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On this page you may choose to download the owner’s manuals of many cinema
and related products.  In order to read these files once you have downloaded
them, you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

Click here to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader.  (It's free).




Christie SLC Series
ORC Optimax CV-1000, CV-1600, CV-2000, CV-3000, CV-4500
Strong Highlight
Strong Highlight II
Strong Highlight II: 1999
Strong Super Highlight II
Strong Super Highlight II: 1999
Strong X-90
Strong X-90: 1999


Strong Super Lume-X
Strong Super Lume-X: 1999
Strong Super 80
Strong Super 80:  1999
Strong Ultra 80
Strong Ultra 80: 1999


Audio Cine Walter Voigt ACL-9 Red Light Laser Module Instructions (Same as Westar CALS-9)
Audio Cine Walter Voigt ACL-10 Red Light Laser Module Instructions (Same as Westar CALS-10)


Christie Autowind 3R
ORC CP-302 3-Deck Platter System & MT-200 Make Up Table


Gold Medal Cornado 36 & 48 Oz. Export Units


Dolby CP-45 User Manual
Dolby CP-45 Installation Manual
Dolby CP-45 Proper Grounding
Dolby CP-65 Installation Manual
Dolby CP-65 Logic Block Diagram
Dolby CP-65 Product Sheet
Dolby CP-65 Projectionist Wall Chart
Dolby CP-650 User Manual
Dolby CP-650 Installation Manual
Dolby CP-650 Projectionist Wall Chart
Dolby CP-650 Serial Control Quick Reference
Dolby CP-650 Setup Software Manual for Printing
Dolby CP-650 Setup Software Manual for Viewing
Dolby CP-650 Specifications
Dolby CP-650 EX Installation Note
Dolby CP-650 Bypass Fuse Note
Dolby CP-650 Serial Control
Dolby CP-650 Input/Output Wiring Diagram
Dolby CP650 Setup Software (version Posted Date 19 July 2007
Dolby DA-20 Digital Adapter Installation Manual
Dolby DA-20 Specifications


Ballantyne Pro-35
Bell & Howell Parts & Service Manual for Models 179, 185, 285, & 385
Bell & Howell Parts Price List for 179, 185, 285, & 385 
Bell & Howell Owners Manual for 179 
Bell & Howell Owners Manual for Diplomat 
Bell & Howell Technical Manual for 2585MIL (AS-25C)
Century MSC/SA-TU Turret Projector
Century Model JJ:1999
CFEC Model 105 Portable 35mm
Christie P35GPS Film Projector
Christie 35/70 Automated Film Projector
CineKinetics 570:1999
CineKinetics 870:1999
Cinemeccanica V4-E, V4-ES 
Cinemeccanica V5
Kinoton FP-30
Simplex 35; PR1014,1020, 1030
Simplex 35; PR1014:1999
Simplex 35; PR1050
Simplex Lens Turret TU-2000 (for PR1050)
Simplex 35; PR1060
Simplex 35; PR2000 Millennium
Simplex 35; PR2000 Millennium:1999
Simplex 35; PR2000 Millennium (French)
Simplex 35/70mm
Westar Instruction Manual for Projector Types 2001-E, F, G, B, IC, ATAP & ATAP-K14
Westar Service Manual for Projector Type 2001


Kelmar AT Series Red LED Conversion Instructions
Dolby Cat. 701 Digital Reader Exploded Drawing
Dolby Cat. 701 LED Replacement Guide
Dolby Cat. 702 Specifications
Dolby Cat. 701 / 702 Installation Manual


Kelmar 7000 Series Installation & Parts List
Kelmar 8000 Series Installation & Parts List


Ballantyne Model VII
Century R3-E, MR3-E, JR3-E
Simplex 5 Star
Simplex 5 Star:1999
Simplex 5 Star (French)
Westar Instruction Manual for Soundhead Types 2003
Westar Service Manual for Soundhead Type 2003


Kelmar CTSA Gate & Trap Parts List
Simplex Lens Turret TU-2000 (for PR1050)


Eiki LC-XG110 & LC-XG-210 Service Manual





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